For Service Providers

GBV Resources

For service providers, educators, healthcare providers, and anyone who would like to learn about GBV and how to be an affirming support for 2SLGBTQ people.

Our hope is that you’re interested in building up your knowledge and skills to create safer spaces, reflecting on personal bias, and addressing systems that harm 2SLGBTQ people.

Learning new things and unpacking former ways of thinking and acting is hard work.

We invite you to meet any confusion, fear, or discomfort you may experience as you learn with curiosity and compassion. Take time to celebrate your successes, and be kind to yourself as you move through your journey. We all start somewhere and there’s always more to learn!

This work is so important, so thank you for taking time to learn about how you can provide safer, more affirming care to 2SLGBTQ people. Your commitment to creating positive change is needed and appreciated. If you ever have questions, want to book training, or are seeking guidance, please reach out to us. We’re here to help.

Resource Library

Welcome to our resource library! Here you’ll find a curated list of resources, such as videos, articles, or guides, to assist you in becoming a more knowledgeable about 2SLGBTQ people and their experiences. If you’ve got a specific topic you’d like to learn more about, try using the search bar. You can also check out the dropdown Tags list, as all resources have been linked to a few tags. Make sure to check back regularly, as this library will continue to grow.

Checklist for 2SLGBTQ Affirming Services & Events

Here's a checklist to review when offering 2SLGBTQ-affirming services and events. This document can assist your team in determining what you can do to reduce harm and be more affirming and safe for 2SLGBTQ people

Inclusive Washroom Resource

Here is a resource your organization can use to support inclusive, safer washrooms for 2SLGBTQ people. Accessing a washroom is a basic human need we all share, so let's make sure everyone feels safe and respected!

2SLGBTQ Survivor Guidebook: GBV & IPV

The 2SLGBTQ Survivor Guidebook is a resource for Two Spirit, Trans, and Queer people who have experienced violence and harm. This guidebook will provide information about what Gender Based Violence and Intimate Partner Violence looks like in 2SLGBTQ relationships,...

2SLGBTQ Inclusive Intake Form Guide

Inclusive intake forms, surveys, and records are essential tools in ensuring all community members are included and represented. Have a look at our tips and samples for insight into how you can update your forms.

Our 2SLGBTQ Affirming Care Approach

The GBV Project Team developed the 2SLGBTQ Affirming Care Approach for service providers to better serve 2SLGBTQ people. Have a look and learn how you can provide more affirming, safer care!

Providing an Affirming Referral

Service providers play a crucial role in connecting 2SLGBTQ people to appropriate supports. Learn the steps to providing an affirming referral for 2SLGBTQ people.

Navigating Pronouns

Pronouns are deeply personal and important! Learn about what pronouns are, why they are important, and how to ask for them in an affirming way.

Creating Change in Your Organization

Creating Change in Your Organization

In order to serve 2SLGBTQ people more effectively, the systems we work within need to change to be more inclusive. Here are a few strategies to address organizational change.