Our People

We’re lucky to have a team of dedicated, compassionate individuals. Meet the GBV Project staff and learn more about how they can support you.

Jess Fisher


GBV Education Coordinator, Project Lead

About Jessica

This project is deeply connected with my passion to create systemic change and uplift the voices of those who are often silenced. I see, and have experienced, the negative impacts of gender-based violence on our community and want to work towards addressing these issues, particularly how queer people are supported. Having grown up as a queer, Metis & White settler, Two Spirit woman in Saskatchewan, I recognize how vital safety, acceptance, and belonging are. I’m committed to building a world where everyone is celebrated and supported, and no one feels they need to edit who they are.

Reach out to me about

Support, guidance, and consultation for service providers (e.g. how to adapt services to be more affirming), booking education and training, inquiring about resources or referrals.

Have me facilitate

online and in-person workshops (*dependant upon current public health measures), GBV Modules (4 in total), refresher workshops, and train-the-trainer programs.

Andrew Hartman


Evaluation Specialist

About Andrew

Working alongside the community since the project’s grant writing stage has taught me a lot about communities’ experiences and myself. I’ve been honored by my privilege to witness vulnerable and brave stories gifted to this project to enact change and help others. Gender based violence prevented me from coming out as non-binary. Doing this work and listening to the stories of others taught me the importance of honoring my identities and their intersections as a queer, non-binary, diversely-abled, and Métis. I hope this work helps create spaces where queer people can honour and integrate their identies where they are celebrated and loved for exactly who they are.

Reach out to me about

Do you have suggestions for our education modules or how to improve our training? Let me know. You can also connect to learn more about the history and evaluation design for the project and the development of the project’s “blueprint”. Feel like your voice isn’t being heard in our work – connect with me and I can listen.

Have me facilitate

The development of the GBV project from writing the grant to delivering services. Your ideas and voice shape how we approach this work. Plus adapt the program and services to meet your needs. Please continue to educate us on how to do better – we are listening.

Connor Rodriguez


Community Support Advocate
(639) 994-9877


As a visible minority and an openly queer transgender individual, I repeatedly experience gender based violence in most spaces I enter. My hope for this project is to share what GBV looks like, encourage trauma informed services, eliminate unnecessary gendered language, and most importantly, affirm that you are not alone. Maybe it is an ambitious goal, but I’d like to see what a safer world looks like.

Reach out to me about

Front-line crisis support, community-based services, enhancing system navigation skills and resiliency, experiences of GBV.

Have me facilitate

In-person and over-the phone peer support, referrals, and information sharing, case management, system navigation support, outreach, and advocacy.

Iris Akbar



About Iris

I am a survivor of gender-based violence (GBV) and I understand the painful process of seeking resources and recovering from GBV. As a Singaporean-born Muslim, Malay, queer newcomer, GBV can transpire in our diverse intersectionalities, increasing the complexity of addressing it in our multicultural community. This project enables me to provide support to affected persons through empowerment and sourcing out safe people and services through challenging times. I believe that awareness and education can prevent GBV, and establish a community that looks out for each other. Also, the work of creating safety practices is imperative to our healthy well-beings.

Reach out to me about

Counselling support, community referrals, and advocacy support.

Have me facilitate

Telephone or in-person counselling (*dependant upon current public health measures): 1-on-1, group, family, or partner counselling.

John Malyk


Evaluation Assistant

About John

As a gay man I believe in the power of community, and how communities facilitate healing through an open minded, affirming approach. The capacity for change that a community holds is founded in solidarity and a group effort for systematic change. The fight against GBV in the LTGBTQ+ community starts with listening to stories from our own community and applying the knowledge that we gain from listening to those experiences to help the community. I believe the fight against GBV will be led and inspired by the community; and this project will add to efforts heal from and prevent trauma.

Reach out to me about

Feedback about Counselling and the Community Support Advocate (i.e., interviews, surveys, community townhalls, etc.), data collection, services evaluation activities, the final project blueprint.

Have me facilitate

Accessible ways of sharing your story about accessing services, ways that Counselling services and the Community Support Advocate can better meet your needs, understanding the theory behind the project and why evaluation is important.

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is made up of 2SLGBTQ people and service providers of diverse backgrounds within Saskatoon. The council provides guidance and oversight for the project, and with their support we’ve created educational resources and tools.
Adam Linus (he/Him)

Job Coach

I first took part to be a council member to learn and gain awareness of the unforeseen global issue on a societal level surrounding the quality of services offered to individuals in the queer community. I decided to be involved as a part of the council to take part in the solution planning process through different project participation through my scope of practice to spread awareness. I am a member of the queer community and being a part of council allows me to learn more about my community and being to transfer that knowledge into different areas of my life and my occupation in the community.

Alex Wilson (She/Her)

Professor, University of Saskatchewan

Christine Brophy (She/Her)

Police Constable

As a police officer, but more importantly as a person, I believe that no one should live with violence, or in fear of it, and that everyone deserves the right to be respected and understood. This is not always the case in the gender and sexually diverse community and I am committed to changing that. I am proud to be part of this group to reduce barriers and help make Saskatoon stronger and inclusive to everyone that lives here.

Erin Beckwell (She/Her)

Knowledge Translation Specialist/Social Worker

As a social worker and member of the 2SLGBTQ community, I’ve had a window into diverse experiences of violence and trauma and have seen how systems don’t always get it ‘right’ in terms of understanding GBV in our contexts. My current role focuses on knowledge translation to foster a more equitable and culturally responsive health system – a move which has, in part, led to my involvement in this project. I’m excited to share my skills, knowledge, and experience as we work together toward a more seamless, evidence-based, and inclusive response to 2SLGBTQ people who experience violence.

Julia Holiday-Scott (She/Her)

Director of Support Services, Prairie Harm Reduction

I grew up in a Northern community that offered no supports to the LGBTQ+ community. My personal experience with GBV and bigotry in this community taught me at a young age that the suffering and oppression of a minority group can be willfully ignored. This project looks to call attention to a long-standing issue and raise voices of individuals who have been systematically and personally held down. I am happy to have the opportunity to be a part of this important work. It is my hope that we can mobilize this knowledge into harm reductive change.

Kate Mckinnon (She/Her)


I was drawn to work with this project because I want Saskatoon and the world in general to be a safer place for all people, including my students. Out Saskatoon does such wonderful work and when they were seeking a high school teacher to weigh in on students’ experience, I was happy to contribute


Krystal Nieckar (She/Her)

Executive Director, OUTSaskatoon, on Parental Leave

The GBV program is so needed and beneficial. The work that is being done has the ability to change the face of reporting abuse. It will allow survivors to feel empowered and strengthened for coming forward. This program will ensure that survivors are believed, and the way they decide to share their stories is enough and valid. I am proud to be a part of a program like this, as we will be able to make real systemic change for the better. We will offer education modules, provide tangible skills to help build up frontline organizations, and create more awareness around shame in our community.

Marjorie Beaucage (She/Her)

Community Elder

I am here to support the future. To help make the world safer for youth. I offer the knowledge and experience I have gained by living.


Omayra Issa (She/Her)

Journalist and Host

Renee Roy (She/They)

Registered Psychologist

Sara Dungaval (She/Her)


Sarah Pedersen (She/Her)


Teresa Laing (She/Her)

Riide Taxi Dispatcher

As someone who has experienced gender based violence and saw first hand the lack of supports and education, I want to try to help develop programs and systems to help others, so they won’t have to suffer alone. There is a desperate need for education, in policing, mental health and victim services. I hope through this council we can effect positive change for all in our community.